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The Engineer Factory

The mission of the Engineer Factory is to strengthen the K-12 STEM education pipeline and to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations (girls and students of color) who pursue higher education and careers in Engineering and STEM.  This is accomplished through: hands-on, project-based learning opportunities (STEM workshops); participation in engineering competitions; academic support; professional development for educators; exposure and linkages to the engineering industry; mentoring; strategic alliances and partnerships with engineering-related programs; and by awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors

Register for "Engineer for a Day" Saturday Classes!

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We're all back at school!  But learning is not limited to Monday through Friday!  We invite TK-8th graders to hang out at the Engineer Factory STEM Center on Saturdays for our Engineer for a Day workshops!  Our junior engineers (TK-3) will enjoy maker activities such as building an air-powered car, design and build a zipline, or learn to program a robot!  Our senior engineers (4th -8th grade) will learn about electrical engineering while making a Doodle Bot, be introduced to biomedical engineering by building a functioning Hydraulic Hand, and add the "A" to STEAM when they use art skills to create a Lit Postcard project...and take them all home when they finish! 


Check out our Events Calendar below to see and register for upcoming classes!  Or click here to see the full schedule of classes!  We look forward to meeting your future engineers!  

 The Engineer Factory Has a New Home!

Engineer Factory has a new home!  We are so excited to have our very own spot in South LA!   Like athletes in training, our STEM-scholars needed a central location or facility where they can consistently train and work on engineering projects year around.  So our new facility is our STEM GYM!  We have BIG plans for programs!  We will conduct weekly STEM workshops and classes for students K-12!  We will have cutting edge equipment and programs.  But we need your help! We need funds to secure and furnish the building so that Engineer Factory can engage, educate, excite and empower students to build STEM-confidence and take over the world!  Please donate today!

Interested in any of these events? Consider volunteering for us!

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