Building engineers­ — One student at a time

The Engineer Factory

The mission of the Engineer Factory is to improve the K-12 STEM education pipeline and to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations (girls and students of color) who pursue higher education and careers in Engineering and STEM.  This is accomplished through: hands-on, project-based learning opportunities (STEM workshops); participation in engineering competitions; academic support; professional development for educators; exposure and linkages to the engineering industry; mentoring; strategic alliances and partnerships with engineering-related programs; and by awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors

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How You Can Help The Engineer Factory!

The Engineer Factory believes that the next Zuckerberg, or Elon Musk or Katherine Johnson is on a playground or classroom in South LA or Southside Chicago or some other underserved community. Our goal is to embrace, engage, educate, excite, equip and empower these students to change the world! But we need your help! There have always been educational disparities for students in low-income communities. The COVID pandemic has exacerbated these disparities. Please support the Engineer Factory's efforts to ensure that these students have the same opportunities as their peers in more affluent communities. Please donate today!

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