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Building engineers­ — One student at a time!

The Engineer Factory

The mission of the Engineer Factory is to strengthen the K-12 STEM education pipeline and to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations (girls and students of color) who pursue higher education and careers in Engineering and STEM.  This is accomplished through: hands-on, project-based learning opportunities (STEM workshops); participation in engineering competitions; academic support; professional development for educators; exposure and linkages to the engineering industry; mentoring; strategic alliances and partnerships with engineering-related programs; and by awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors

Engineer Factory Awarded CSU Chancellor Grant to Operate Summer Algebra Institute STEAM Camp in Inglewood


EF CSU SAI flyer 4.4.24.png

The Engineer Factory is one of eighteen organizations throughout the State selected by the California State University Chancellor's Office contracted to operate a Summer Algebra Institute (SAI) site in Inglewood.  A primary goal of the program is to positively improve college readiness, particularly in mathematics and quantitative reasoning ability. Credentialed math instructors will teach the course content with EdReady curriculum, an adaptive online application for math readiness that designs a personalized learning path to fill students’ knowledge gaps. In addition, students will participate in team learning activities, STEAM projects, “college knowledge” workshops, field trip and CSU campus tours.

The 2024 CSU SAI will be Engineer Factory's fifth year operating the program in partnership with Inglewood Unified School District.  The Engineer Factory's Summer STEAM Camp will be held at a IUSD campus (TBD) and will include: math boot camp to prevent summer learning loss; introduction to drones; Growth Mindset activities; college prep activities and college tours and a fun field trip! Our Summer STEAM Camp has helped 89% of participants improve math proficiency.  More than that, students have a fun summer and make long-lasting friendships!  

The Summer STEAM Camp will run from June 17 - July 19, 2024 for rising 8th - rising 11th grade students.  The program requirements are: 1) IUSD students have priority; 2) student must have an overall 3.0 GPA and at least a "C" in their last math class; and 3) should be able to complete the full five-week program.  

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