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The Engineer Factory

The mission of the Engineer Factory is to strengthen the K-12 STEM education pipeline and to increase the number of students from underrepresented populations (girls and students of color) who pursue higher education and careers in Engineering and STEM.  This is accomplished through: hands-on, project-based learning opportunities (STEM workshops); participation in engineering competitions; academic support; professional development for educators; exposure and linkages to the engineering industry; mentoring; strategic alliances and partnerships with engineering-related programs; and by awarding scholarships to deserving high school seniors

Computer Science Program To Prep Local Youth for Tech Careers


The Engineer Factory in partnership with Cal State LA College of Computer Science, Engineering and Technology are launching a 7-month hybrid (part online/part in-person) Computer Science (CS) program featuring:

1.  Students will build a Piper Model Computer and upon completion of the five-phase curriculum, they will be awarded an Engineering Design and Computer Science Credential from UC San Diego Extension

2.  Students will be introduced to or expand coding skills with an introduction to web and app development.

3. Students will be coached by a qualified CS instructor, assisted by Cal State LA Engineering students to prepare for the CS Principles AP exam in May. Students who score a passing grade on AP CS exam (3 or above), will earn college credit at the majority of colleges and universities in the US!

4. Students who successfully complete the full program and take the AP exam in May 2022 will get the chance to build a functioning desktop computer that they get to keep! 

The program is funded in part by the California State University Chancellor's Office, Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell's Office and Inglewood Unified School District.  High School students from Morningside, Inglewood and City Honors International Preparatory School get priority enrollment!

High school students with at least a 3.0 GPA who can commit to completing the 7-month course are encouraged to apply by clicking on the link below.  Program starts on Saturday, November 13, 2021 so apply today!

 The Engineer Factory Needs a Home!

The Engineer Factory celebrated our 5th anniversary this year!  We have spread STEM throughout the community by partnering with schools, churches, parks, Girl Scouts and other community organizations.  Most of this work has been done at schools, community sites or in Mrs. T's backyard. 


We have outgrown our backyard and garage--the Engineer Factory needs our own facility!  Like athletes that are training, our STEM-scholars need a central location or facility where they can train and work on projects.  The Engineer Factory needs a STEM GYM!  But we need your help! We need funds to secure and furnish a building so that Engineer Factory can engage, educate, excite and empower students to build STEM-confidence and take over the world!  Please donate today!

Interested in any of these events? Consider volunteering for us!

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