Engineer Factory Programs

Community Pop-Up Builds

The Engineer Factory conducts one-day project-based workshops at community partner sites (e.g. schools, churches, community organizations, girls & boys scouts, YMCA/YWCAs, parks, community centers, etc.). Participating 4-12 grade students will learn engineering concepts while building projects. 


Examples of projects include, but are not limited to: mouse trap cars, gliders, ROVs (underwater robots), solar cars & boats, FIRST robotics, egg-drop challenges, trebuchets/catapults, bridges, Andrino, electronic breadboards, etc.

Many of the workshops for elementary and middle school students will be led by trained high school students, with the goal of “giving back” to underserved communities.  Workshops are offered at a nominal fee to participating organizations.

Engineer Competition Teams

The Engineer Factory will collaborate with elementary & middle schools, as well as community partner organizations to build teams of students to participate in regional engineer-related competitions


Examples include, but are not limited to: JPL Invention Challenge; Raytheon Math Moves Me; Aerospace Corporation; LBCC MATE competition; UCLA/USC/CSULA MESA Regionals; Rube Goldberg contest, etc. The contests are held throughout the year.

The Engineer Factory will provide the community partner with a team coach who spearhead the efforts to register the team, meet with the organizational leader and the students to convene a team, review contest guideline & requirements, acquire needed supplies and materials, provide weekly team hands-on coaching for 4-12 weeks leading up to the competition, recruit volunteer engineers to assist with the project and coordinate all logistics with organizational leader to ensure that the team successfully participates in the competition.

Competitions are a great ways to engage students in project-based learning while motivating them toward success via friendly completion! Engineer Factory does charge a fee for team projects (amount depends on the complexity and prep time required for the project). Engineer Factory will work with community partners to secure grant funds and/or donations if needed.

Engineer Club/"Project-in-a-Box"

Engineer Factory recognizes that many schools, community organizations, and after school programs want to offer a Science, Technology, Engineer and Math (STEM) learning opportunities for their students, but often lack the capacity.  The Engineer Factory offers complete, turn-key “projects in a box” that includes:

  • All project materials (15 student kits per box)

  • Easy to follow lesson plans and build instructions (Next Generation Science Standards compliant)

  • Step-by-step web-based video and photo instructions

  • Web and telephone-based technical assistance

  • In-Person (Los Angeles County only) and/or webinar Trainings for After-school program staff


The Engineer Factory will continually add a variety of new age-appropriate projects to the project list quarterly. 

The Engineer Club Project-in-a-Box will allow after school program staff to launch a high quality STEM program easily!

Become a COG

High school and college students can earn community service hours and/or stipends by becoming COGS.


COG keep EF programs moving by volunteering to help younger

students design and build projects! COGS also participate on field trips & college tours.


Engineer Factory will help COGS find internships, mentors, job shadowing, as well as provide them with opportunities to earn Engineer Factory scholarships!


The Engineer Factory plans to work with at least 30 high school and community college students in 2017.