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STEAM in the Community

The Engineer Factory believes that one way to reduce disparities in STEM for girls and students in underserved communities is to expose them to fun STEM activities early and often.  We spark interest in STEM by conducting hands-on,  project-based STEM workshops at community sites throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties (e.g. schools, churches, community organizations, parks, community centers, after-school programs, etc.). 

 The workshops align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and California Science Standards.  Students are introduced to different types of engineering, the engineer design process, and the science behind projects through maker projects!  Since founded in 2016, Engineer Factory served more than 9,000 K-8 students through our community & school-based STEM workshops.  Some of our partners include: Inglewood USD, LAUSD, Charter Schools, Faith-based Schools, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation, churches, after school programs and many community organizations.

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Age-appropriate, science standard aligned STEM workshops engage K-8 students and encourage creativity and problem-solving! Let us help you meet your science requirements.  Complete the form above to contact us today!


Girl Scouts

Fun, maker STEM projects for Daisies to Ambassadors.  Many of Engineer Factory projects meet badge and journey requirements! Contact us to schedule a workshop with your troop or service center today!

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If you are a church, park, community organization or after school program and would like to incorporate fun, affordable STEM activities into your program or host a STEAM day, contact us!

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