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Math is a "gatekeeper" for STEM majors and careers.  Engineer Factory want our students to have #MathSwag-competence and confidence!  Our #MathSwag program uses online math software, fun online & in-person math games, as well as STEM projects to help 

5th-8th grade students better understand math!  #MathSwag is an extension of our extremely successful Summer STEAM program where more than 87% of our students had an increase in math proficiency!  No need to be intimidated by math....YOU'VE GOT THIS!



EdReady is an adaptive learning platform that personalizes a student’s path to math.  Students take an assessment and EdReady creates a custom learning path for each student.  Students work at their own pace and learn using videos and sample problems. 


Online Math Games

Online math games benefits students  who needed a fun way to practice math facts. The games are interactive, engaging...and most of all fun!   

field goal fanatic pic.png

Use Math in STEM Projects

One way for math to sink in is through application in real life situations!  For example, build a table top football game, you need to use measurements to design the field as well as addition to keep up with the 3-point field goals, 6- point touch downs and don't forget the extra points!  Don't forget, the "M" is STEM stands for math!

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