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EF STEM Learning Center

We are excited to announce that we have recently secured a facility in South LA where we will offer year-round STEM programming for TK-12 grade students!  Like elite athletes, students have a "STEM Gym" where they have fun while trying new activities, create teams for competition and have opportunities to develop skills with various classes and events.  Programs will include (but are not limited to):

  • Coding classes

  • Intro to Robotics

  • Mechanical Engineering projects

  • Electrical Engineering projects

  • Structural Engineering projects

  • Aerospace Engineering projects

  • Computer Science Classes (some for college credit)

  • Cyber Security Classes and CyberPatriot Team 

  • Underwater Robotics (ROV) Teams

Click the button below to book a class:




Elementary (K-5)

Want to build a car powered by a balloon? Or learn to code in Kindergarten?  Or design and build a marble roller coaster? Do all these things and more at our STEM center.  Year-round STEM and Maker activities are here for you!  Click below to get started!

middle school pic_edited.jpg

Middle School (6-8)

Like to build stuff?  Curious about how things work?    Want learn to build an underwater robot (ROV) and form a team that competes against other students around the world?  How about learning to code, develop games and apps?  Welcome to your the EF STEM Center home!


High School (9-12)

Become an elite STEM-lete!  Develop and improve tech skills.  "Play up" and earn computer science college credits and credentials!  Compete in engineering competitions that will help you stand out for colleges and scholarships!  EF STEM Gym will help you reach another level!

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